๐Ÿ˜‹    Grade 2   ๐Ÿ˜‹

1st Quarter
  • How to log in-pws: Brainpop, Parts of the Computer: ABCya Keyboard Zoo 2, Math games
  • Pixie: Review Tools, Dot Day - Geometric shapes with fill color
  • Word: Name 5x, ABCya Cup stack typing, Keyboard challenge
  • Word: 8 Halloween words, with border
  • Pixie: Halloween Jack o lantern (shape tools), ABCya Halloween activities
2nd Quarter
  • Buildyourwildself.com, Word: Describe your features in 4 sentences.
  • Complete Description on Word
  • Pixie: I am thankful for....making images large and small
  • ABCya Thanksgiving Word Search, Math Match, Time
  • Word: Letter to Santa
  • Hour of Code: video, Minecraft or Moana
  • Programming with Dash, ABCya Christmas activities - word search, jewels, math lights
  • ABCya Math Skills, Intro to Typing Agent - Mouse skills
  • Typing agent, ABCya
3rd Quarter
  • Typing Agent, Brainpop - Health, Teeth and Making Friends
  • ABCya - Math practice, Keyboarding
  • Powerpoint: Intro, 2 slides in Technocity
  • PPT: A street in my city, Typing Agent
  • PPT: Technocity - weather and community helpers, Typing Agent
  • PPT: transitions, Typing Agent
  • Word: List of Easter Words
  • Typing Agent; Pixie: Label parts of the computer
4th Quarter
  • Typing Agent: Pixie: Easter pic
  • Typing Agent: 3 netsmartz books
  • Routers Birthday Surprise
  • Word: 5 sentences, Typing Agent
  • Brainpop - health - Internet Safety and Bullying
  • Typing Agent, pic for teachers
  • Google Quick draw

๐Ÿ˜Œ   3rd Grade  ๐Ÿ˜Œ

1st Quarter

  • Seating Chart: How to Log-in; Choose passwords; Brainpop: Parts of the Computer; Internet Safety
  • Keyboarding posture, hand placement, Typing Agent log in and First 3 lessons
  • Typing Agent, review hand placement, Lessons, Prodigygame.com
  • Typing Agent lessons; Review Microsoft Word, Open document, Edit St. Theresa Prayer - add border, clip art
  • Typing Agent; Word: Create Halloween Invitation
  • Typing Agent; ABCya: Word Search, Trick or Treat, Ghost Typing

2nd Quarter

  • Typing Agent; Brainpop: email, friends, germs
  • Typing Agent; Word: Prayer of Thanksgiving
  • Typing Agent; ABCya: Pinata Spelling, Math Bingo, Thanksgiving Word Search
  • Typing Agent; Tagul.com, Christmas Word Cloud
  • Hour of Code Video: Minecraft or Moana, Using Dash
  • Typing Agent; ABCya - Christmas Math, Word Search
  • Word: What I love about STS (space, save, keyboarding)
  • World Book Research (States?)
3rd Quarter

  • Typing Agent; Brainpop - Allergies, Exercise
  • Typing Agent; ABCya - Math Practice
  • All About Me; PowerPoint - Intro, Design, Brief History
  • All About Me; PowerPoint - Family, Favorites, Art
  • Typing Agent; Tagul Wordcloud about them
  • Typing Agent; Brainpop: Computer Mouse, Printers

4th Quarter

  • Typing Agent; Wordart.com
  • Typing Agent; Growth Mindset videos- 3 Dojo videos
  • Digital Passport: One badge
  • Digital Passport
  • Digital Passport
  • Brainpop: Bullying, 
  • Wordart.com
  • Google Quickdraw